Following the initial contact I will come to the property/site and meet you personally.



Getting to know the client and the garden/landscape is a vital part of the process. I will form a client brief by finding out exactly what you are wanting. I have designed and built lots of gardens and I will offer various options before starting the design process.  Shortly after the meeting I will establish the level of work involved and I will be able to send out a price for the design.

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Before designing can start the site needs to be surveyed. This involves measuring the garden and recording level changes. All of the permanent fixtures such as buildings, trees, utilities and services all need to be recorded as this forms the basis of the design. If the plan needs to be council approved, any consent issues will need to be considered. This is also another opportunity to discuss any ideas with the client.


Before the detailed scaled plans are produced, a design concept is formed to highlight the different areas within the garden. This is an informal process to make sure you are happy with the layout. This will demonstrate the size and locations of the different areas. Examples of the different areas: Lawns, decking, patio, pools, water features, parking, pergolas, vegetable garden and flower beds.  This is a great opportunity to make any alterations before the design is drawn up to scale.

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I take enormous pride in the quality and layout of the design. With years of experience and a Garden Design degree, I always aim to create something special and individual for each client.

The plan can be produced in many different ways depending on the budget and timescale. Optional detailed construction drawings and real-life perspective drawings can be produced which provide a visual representation of exactly what the garden will look like – Please see the portfolio page for examples of these.

I have constructed many gardens, so from a contractors building aspect I will always consider construction techniques, materials, dimensions of the hard landscaping -  this can reduce the labour/ materials substantially during the build stage.


It is the plants that will bring the garden to life and a poor planting plan will reflect on the overall design. I studied horticulture for 3 years and grew up on a plant nursery and take pride in this stage of the design.

The planting plan can be combined within the master plan design or as a separate planting plan. This depends on the exact requirements (Sometimes council approved plans will ask for native or fire resistant plant for consent approval)



The finalized designs can be emailed or dropped onto a USB memory stick. Hard copies can also be printed at an additional cost.